Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good News, Feckless News

You know, I really hate being called "Miss." More even than I hate being called "Mrs." (although I certainly hate that quite a lot, too). Time to bump that post down.

Anyway, apologies for the light, boring blogging of late. This post promises to be more of the same, as I am STILL sick. On Tuesday, I mistakenly believed that I was all better; then yesterday I felt a little rough; and today I canceled classes and am drinking tea in my pajamas--which is rather nice, I confess, but this cold really must go away because I'm supposed to travel to Northern City on Saturday for a party, and I'd be sorry to miss it. Particularly because the train tickets are purchased. Also, I am tired of being sickly.

(It's not a terrible illness or anything. The sore throat has simply resolved itself into some truly annoying sinus pressure. How it went from point A to point B I cannot explain, but there you go. Gah.)

Well, so, on this unexpected day off, what will happen? One thing that is happening is that I am trying to reschedule all the comp conferences that I had arranged for today. So I will have lots more conferences than expected tomorrow, and a handful on Monday. That's kind of irritating, but oh well. The other things that are happening, however, include finishing the two books that I'm teaching next week (nearly done! hooray!) and, presumably, once I get my shit together, finishing the trifling quantity of grading that I've been carrying around with me lo these many days. I could hammer all of that out in two hours or so if I just got my wits about me, but I have been staunchly ignoring the necessity of doing so for, as I said, lo these many days. But I have told a class that they'll get their papers back tomorrow, and I must be true to my word.

Here's some superlatively good news, though: At yesterday's faculty meeting, a proposal to revise our composition sequence in a significant and pedagogically awesome way (that will, incidentally, also cut our comp loads in half for the next two years) PASSED. We are all quite delighted. A lot of work went into the proposal--not by me so much, but by my senior colleague, who did a great job--and it ought to make our students better writers while also allowing us to deploy our comp-energy in much more productive ways. Now that it's passed, we plan to spend a few days this summer hammering out the course--handouts, prompts, everything--so that it will be far less hectic and random than it normally seems to be.

I have a lot more to say about this, actually--as well as, possibly, about the objections raised against it (some legitimate, that might be a post for another day.


ortho said...

hey you, i hope you get better soon. have you tried a Honey Lemon Ginger Infusion? maybe you should.

Thoroughly Educated said...

Sorry about teh sick, but that's great news about passage of the proposal. It is truly an amazing and awesome thing to successfully enact a revision of a comp sequence!

heu mihi said...

That honey-lemon-ginger thing? Sounds gooooood. I do have lemon-ginger tea, with honey, but somehow it doesn't seem like the same thing.

Thanks for the sympathy!