Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The computer is now up and running. At last. I bought it on Saturday, spent the weekend making recovery disks and tinkering around, and then on Monday morning it wouldn't start.

A long conversation with a tech guy last night (couldn't call earlier--was at a departmental retreat, about which more later) established that the problem was a set of Windows updates that weren't compatible with--hey!--Windows. Mac people? You may have a point. Anyway, we did that thing where you recover an earlier incarnation of the computer, and all is well again.



I do have an actual, substantive, academics-related post brewing, by the way. Just so you know that I haven't become a simple whining machine.


undine said...

What kind did you get?

heu mihi said...

An HP something-or-other for $800 at the Big Box of Madness. Now that it's working, and that I'm slowly getting the hang of Vista, I think I like it....

undine said...

Those HPs have nice keyboards, in addition to everything else.