Monday, December 31, 2007

Job Search, Phase Two

I don't actually know that this phase 2 of the job search--I'm sure that I could break down the application process into at least half a dozen mini-phases--but we'll call it that, because once again I'm in the waiting stage. Ugh. Last year somewhere I compared the job search to trying to date in junior high: waiting by the phone even though you know perfectly well that there's no actual chance that your great love, that dark-haired boy who rides your bus and plays second violin in the school orchestra, is going to call you, since you almost never even say hello to him (despite having all of your classes together) and anyway at the last school dance he slow danced with K like three times, and their elbows were bent, meaning that they were actually standing within about a foot of each other, so clearly there's something going on there although of course in your heart you're going to deny it because he's just so cute. But yeah, he's probably not going to call, at least not right now, and yet that doesn't stop you from leaping up with heart a-flutter every time the phone rings. This is what phase 2 is like. It's what phase 1 is like, too, for that matter, because that's when you're waiting for the interviews to be scheduled in the first place.

I've already been rejected (very kindly) from Very Good School, which is a bummer, but I've processed it and am okay with it. I also really appreciate being told so early that I won't be on the short-list. Rejecting rejected candidates nicely and promptly is a good thing to do; it's kind of like the guy who's not interested in you but manages to not get all weird even after your stupid best friend lets him know that you like him (to continue the middle-school analogy).


Sisyphus said...

Ah, good luck!

Don't you just love it that we pick a profession where we have to re-live the absolute most worst social situations? I hated jr high dating.

(PS, it was great meeting up, even if we didn't get to talk much.)

What Now? said...

Sorry to hear about Very Good School; I'm glad they had the decency to call you early with the news, even if it wasn't the news you wanted to hear.

Lots of deep breathing as you wait by the phone!