Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Eyeballs Are Falling Out

Well, okay. That's a bit melodramatic. But you know the feeling, right?

I'm in yet another round of dissertation revisions, and have read, I think, 93 pages of my diss in the last two hours. No, wait. I will have read 93 pages when I finish rereading the chapter I just started--I was getting ahead of myself. After that...oh, who knows. Another 150 pages, I think.

Ohhh. I can't stand it. And I know I'll have to reread it again next week, before I turn it in, just to put my mind at ease.

MSWord sure does get annoying when you're dealing with Middle English, too. It keeps changing my condetions and propertes to conditions and properties, and, what's worse, "forbede" became "forbade"--a totally different tense. Of course, it still isn't worth it to turn off my spell-check, so this is something I'll just have to continue putting up with. (Hence all the rereading, see.) And EndNote, which has some usefulness, is getting under my skin with all its underlining and straight quotes. One project for the next few days is to retype ALL of my citations, the thought of which is, perhaps, contributing to my malaise.

Other than that, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about how I need some new shoes. Badly. I mean it. The situation is dire.

Okay: I absolutely must get through this chapter before I go home for the day, or my schedule (such as it is) will be thrown totally out of whack. Off I go....

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medieval woman said...

Oh god - spell-checking an ME dissertation SUCKS! I feel your pain...I never used Endnote, but everyone else on earth seems to - maybe I'll check into it.

And, on the subject of shoes, I just got a pair of Born black leather loafers and they are SO comfy - the leather is like butter....