Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All Praise Moe, Almighty and All-Knowing

Well. The semester has begun, and, as I sort of expected, I feel much better about it now that it's (slightly) underway. I've designed my comp course to be pretty fun--according to me, at least--and it looks like I have a good group in my survey. And I'm already loving the MWF-only schedule.

So, what new mopey anxiety has me blogging this evening? Not a new one at all, of course, but the dreaded Job Search. I think that I should name my search, I talk about it so often. I think that I will call it Moe.

Moe has me worried, again, because he's been so quiet. Seriously, how long does it take a search committee to settle on its finalists? Actually, don't answer that--unless the answer is "at least two weeks," "always longer than anticipated," or something else to that effect. Two of the schools I interviewed with said that they hoped to make decisions by the 6th, and today's the 8th, right? So...could something have gummed up the works? I hope so.

I'm not really allowed to complain, much, because I'm definitely in the running for two jobs right now. But for reasons that I can't discuss, there could be problems with those jobs. At least with the one for which I'm most strongly in the running. Ugh. Moe, Moe, where are you? Moe! I invoke thee! O Great Moe! Moe the All-Powerful, Benevolent Moe....


You know, it's a lot easier to invoke--even worship?--an entity when it's personified. Hm. How much psychological dysfunction do I want this semester?


Belle said...

Well, I've always thought that was why we have God. Personification of an unknowable thing.

Moe is a fickle bastard. Unknowable, like the Sumerian me. Beware the powerful, consuming Moe. Oh weee uuuwww.

Flavia said...

It really, really depends. Some schools are out of session until nearly the end of the month, and it can be a bitch to get all the committee members together before then. So I think it's entirely possible that you won't hear from some places until then.

P.S. Moeus absconditus?

heu mihi said...

Flavia, you just had me trying to look up "moeus" (and all possible stems) in a Latin dictionary. I don't even understand my own jokes. Good one, though.

We must beware Moe, indeed. But fear is clearly a step along the path to worship.