Monday, October 22, 2007

Spoke too soon?

Remember yesterday's post? Which ended on an optimistic, I-like-my-job note? Well, of course this morning I was SO

Perhaps because my downstairs neighbors awoke me at 6:15 with a dual tantrum:

Little girl (age 7 or so): AAAAAHHHH!

Mother (age, oh, 30ish): GET DRESSSSSED!

Little girl: AAAHHHHH!


Unbelievable. The parenting that goes on here. I tell you. And this went on for, oh, 15 minutes?

So yeah, I wasn't in the cheeriest of humors when I got to the office. The day was fine, though.

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History Geek said...

I'm usally woken by the kids clomping past my window complaining about going to school.