Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Update

This is my 100th post. I realized that I was delaying blogging today because I felt that I should say something momentous; that being silly, I've decided to fill this post with trivial details.

I've resumed my habit, developed in Cambodia last summer, of washing my feet when I come home. It's pleasant on a hot day, but really I do it because I wear flip-flops all summer and it's nice not to track so much dirt around. In Cambodia, the washing is a necessary act: American immune systems aren't equipped for the kind of thing that can get into a cut or a scratch out there. Back home, it's just sanitary.

I'm also having to do some extra vaccuuming these days--well, today--because it's windy, my windows are open, and my plants (I'm looking at you, Benjamin!*) are spewing dirt all over the place. Their dirt-spewing has the additional effect of getting me to water them more often, the passive-aggressive little so-and-sos.

(*Yes, I name my plants. Benjamin was a little puny ficus when I first got him; hence the name. Once I stopped trying to make him into a bonsai, he started doing well, and is now a sizeable little tree; however, a name's a name, and I'm not going to change it just because he's bigger. Besides, his breed is actually a ficus benjamina or something like that. Then there's Jenny, the ponytail fern, and Horace, the jade. Oh, and Baby Horace, whom, I just realized, needs a proper name. Baby Horace is a cutting from Horace--there were two cuttings, but we lost one to last year's sublettor. And finally, not to be forgotten, we have Marilla, the monster amaryllis who refuses--refuses!!--to go into dormancy. Her gigantic leaves are a little droopy right now, though, and I'm hoping that she falls asleep in time to be packed away into a paper bag for the big move.)

I've actually been getting some work done on my conference paper these last few days. I'm not really at the draft-writing stage yet, but I have a lot of notes, and I think I know the text and even the passages that I want to focus on. This makes me feel much better.

And my cold--for cold it was--is gone. Huzzah!

And that's the news from jb.


Sisyphus said...

You went to Cambodia? Now that is cool. I've been ... uh, yeah. Now I feel the need to travel to distant and interesting places.

I suppose I should wash my feet even though I've traveled nowhere more interesting than the library today. Damn flipflops!

PS do Horace and Baby Horace look anything like That Horace?

heu mihi said...

The resemblance is shocking!

I got to go to Cambodia because my boyfriend volunteered at a non-profit in Phnom Penh last summer. I, um, "worked on my dissertation" (= read novels and drank mango smoothies) for about 12 weeks, punctuated by weekend trips around the country. It was great--difficult, at times, but great.