Monday, March 10, 2008


(I'm leading this post with a picture from my trip--one advantage of jet lag is plenty of odd middle-of-the-night hours to do things like download your photographs. This is a stretch of the Great Wall that we hiked along.)

I haven't really slept at all. I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 2:30; I finally got out of bed at 4. I had all four of my classes today, too--luckily I had three of them doing a totally student-generated discussion thing that didn't require much of me, but my 2:00 class, in which I lectured/led discussion, was dismal. Oh well. That class usually rocks and I told them ahead of time that, to me, it was 3 am, so I think they were okay with it. Plus I let them out five minutes early.

Anyway, despite the sleeplessness, things are looking better than they did yesterday. Just having a work day and remembering that it isn't totally horrible here helped a lot. I've stopped rehearsing my misery in my head--which I'd been doing on and off for two full days, with particularly forceful dwelling during the 19-hour journey home. It's good to shut down that conversation for a while.

To that end, I'll change the subject altogether with a couple of pictures from my trip (I was in Beijing). I'm too tired for extensive writing, so the images will have to speak for me for the time being.

The very coolest thing that we did was a rugged 10k hike along the top of the Great Wall.

A bit of the view:

Here are some monks at the beautiful Lama Temple.

And these are some doors that I liked.


What Now? said...

Wow -- what a fabulous trip this must have been!

I'm glad things are looking a little brighter despite the jet lag.

Sisyphus said...

Pretty! Please post more stuff!

Bardiac said...

Wow, GREAT pictures! I, too, would love to see more.

Hope you get caught up on your sleep :)

Maude said...

wow! i'm speechless. they are beautiful.

undine said...

Amazing pictures!