Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How Long?

So I'm in this really annoying limbo right now with two journals, both of whom gave me revise-and-resubmit verdicts, and both of whom have now been looking at my revisions for some time.

OK, in one case, it's been about a month. But it's been four and a half months in the other, so the second journal is suffering (in my mind) from the sins of the first--I simply can't deal with not hearing about EITHER ONE for ONE MORE DAY (something that I've been saying to myself for weeks and weeks now, of course).

Anyway. No substance, no plot, no resolution. I'm just getting impatient. (And I did contact the 4.5-month journal a few weeks ago. The editor sent my email along to another editor. And I wait.)


Flavia said...

Ugh. That's unconscionable. I've had some long waits for first-round, but for an R&R it's usually two months, tops--and often much faster.

(Okay, no: I guess the mean reviewer of my first book at the press that eventually rejected it did do it the wrong way 'round--took just 4 or 6weeks to write an extremely detailed, highly critical request for R&R, then sat on the revision for six months only to write a one-para neg--but that's so rare I'm obviously still holding a grudge!)

heu mihi said...

Well, that's what's so weird--the first round took 4 weeks, over the winter holidays! So I expected this second round to go much faster.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

R & Rs are such purgatory. My sympathies.