Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blah blah work blah blah baby's naps blah blah blah

I've become boring.

I'm obsessed with getting Bonaventure to nap more and for longer periods. Unfortunately, barring some magic spell, it's virtually impossible to "make" a baby sleep longer (unless I can stay in bed with him and let him nurse at will, anyway), so this is largely a fruitless and uninteresting topic.

But at the end of every day, I could tell you exactly when and for how long Bonaventure has slept--even if it's only through the reports of babysitters. I memorize this information effortlessly and think about it all the time. So the "largely fruitless and uninteresting" thing doesn't stop me from talking about it with anyone and everyone who asks me how I'm doing.

So! Yes, boring!

Work is the only other thing really going on (unless you count laundry, and let's not count laundry), and it's not wildly interesting, either. It's all right, though. I've found that having a baby has had the salutary effect of getting me to not worry too much about my classes, or put an excessive amount of energy in them. And they're going perfectly fine (even if I was a little boring last week--but that often happens around week 4 or 5). The fact that I've been at it for 5 years now probably helps; I don't need to prep obsessively and run through all of my notes in minute detail right before class. So I'm viewing this mellowing-out and getting-by as a good thing, in the balance.

There are a few grand things going on at work, actually. But because I want that post to have a different title, I'll hold off and write about them later. (This is what comes of not posting often enough: I now want to write multiple posts at once!)


Good Enough Woman said...

Recently, I came across a journal that had detailed information (written alternately by me, my husband, and my mother) about my son's eating, sleeping, and "eliminating" habits when he was very small. The journal had the exact amout of food he ate, when he pooped and peed, when he went to sleep, how long he cried before going to sleep, whether he woke up in the middle of a nap, how long it took him to go back to sleep, etc. So I totally (totes!) know what you mean.

Same thing about classes, too. My first day back after having my son, I showed up to class without keys to unlock the door. I didn't care. We just sat outside. Before the baby, I would have been mortified.

I hope the sleeping is improving and that the process isn't making you too crazy.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Yeah, life is different after you have a baby. You never knew how much you could care about the sleeping patterns of another person, did you? It's still a trial for me, too, even though Eldest is almost 7. A medication he's on makes him have trouble sleeping, so we constantly discuss his sleeping. It's very boring, yet very important.

Good luck.