Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Dry Summer

In honor of July, I bring you a photographic essay documenting the behavior of cats on a 92-degree day:

The series concludes with Constant M.* telling me to knock it off with the picture-taking and rub her belly already.

Actually, it's cooler today, but we should be back up into the 90s this weekend. And just in time for the heat, I've finished my shawl:

Like the patrician tilt of my chin?

I'm also working on the paper-making, as this picture demonstrates:

Letting the sheets dry against glass gives them a smoother finish for writing, or so I have read. (I haven't actually written on them yet.)

In other news, I suppose I ought to go to the gym. At what point in my life does that requirement go away?

*A sudden, irrational fear that the eminent C.M.--whose work I respect--would find this page and be bothered by my pun has prompted me to abbreviate the cat's moniker.


Sisyphus said...

Oooh, how cool --- is that that entrelac stuff?

Also: kitties! Yay! (I miss my cats. sniff.)

Good Enough Woman said...

Love love love the shawl. Love the squares! I'm itching to get started on a baby blanket for friends that I just settled on. It will have squares with various stitches. I can't wait to get started, but we're on the road and not near a good yarn shop. I just trod to hit the local one to check out the stash, but it was "closed for this afternoon due to migraine."

Bravo on your projects!

anthea said...

Ooooh your shawl is lovely! Is it interlaken by chance? I'm teaching myself this and so my 'scarf' (I always knit scarfs when I learn a new stitch) physically resembles the squares of yours.

heu mihi said...

The shawl is entrelac (is that the same as interlaken? It seems like it should be). Thanks! It was fun to work on, although, as happens, I was definitely ready to be done by the time it ended.

I have just about nothing that it will go with, of course, but hey, doesn't this mean that I now need to buy lots of lovely simple/elegant clothes?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

That's a beautiful wrap! I love the colors!!

I wish I were a cat on these hot days! I'd have an excuse to lie around with my tongue hanging out. Instead I have to deal with children and responsibilities. Boo! Maybe next life I'll be a cat. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the shawl--it's lovely.

And I think the cats have the right idea...

What Now? said...

Love the shawl! And the paper looks gorgeous too; how did you learn to make paper, and is it hard to do?

Anonymous said...

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