Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired of being COLD

We're five days into the semester and it's going swimmingly. Quite swimmingly, in fact. Classes are good. I'm enjoying myself. There are interesting things going on at the college (we're hiring! three people!!). So that's all very nice.

But the heat in our office suite has been out for TWO WEEKS--the furnace is busted--and we're all using space heaters that blow fuses on a regular basis, which means that the chair and I need to take turns heating our offices. And unless I actually set my heater on my desk, the surface of my desk, the mouse, and the keyboard remain very chilly. This little feature of my workday, combined with the fact that TM and I never, ever heat our house above 64 degrees, means that my fingers and the tip of my nose (and sometimes my legs, shoulders, neck, arms, etc.) are NEVER WARM.

DUDE. I am TIRED of being COLD.

(Our furnace should be functional by the end of the day tomorrow. Here's hoping.)


Dr. Koshary said...

You're taking the whole practice of studying medieval literature pretty hardcore, aren't you? Remember, you'll never really understand what those medieval dead dudes were saying until you spend a week freezing your kiester in a monastic cell of an office with a hair shirt next to your skin. I guess you could go full-bore and try to contract scurvy, but that seems more trouble than it's worth.

Spanish prof said...

Oh, I understand you so well! Just after I wrote my last post, about how adjusted or not I am to American culture, I have a minor accident -nothing serious- and need to take the car to the body shop for some cosmetic repairs. I will be taking the bus for three days -not a bad bus ride either-, and I am dreading the temperature, hoping that it magically stops snowing and the temperature goes up to 50 F

anthea said...

I totally understand where you're coming from...the lab that I used when I was doing PhD was always freezing for a few weeks..until those in central admin (another building clearly) decided to turn on the heating!


David said...

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