Sunday, April 25, 2010

Indexing: Unbelievably Tedious

Shocker, right?

(Twenty pages in 90 minutes.... So I should be able to finish up in the two weeks allotted to me, barring, well, you know, GRADING or anything like that!)


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Yes, tedious. And there's just no way to tell whether you're doing it right. My index ended up being super-short, mainly because the MS was long on ideas and short on names & places.

Good luck!

heu mihi said...

Well I'm glad to hear that--that there's no way to tell whether you're doing it right--because I have no idea myself whether I'm doing it right or being waaay overzealous with the categories or WHAT. And whatever, anyway. It's going to be published regardless.

But I do have this absurd fear that people will look at my index and LAUGH because I'll have indexed things that don't need indexing, thereby revealing my eager-beaver novice-ness. How silly is that?