Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yippee. I think.

The article that I moaned about here is off to one of the fanciest of the fancy-pants medievalist journals.

I sent it off today, because in my job letters (for yes, I am applying to exactly three fantabulous jobs, at least one of which I stand no chance of getting, and that's okay), which I mailed this morning, I said that it was currently under review (without saying where, for I Am Nothing If Not Modest).

Being incapable of a lie (I Am Nothing If Not [Mostly] Honest), I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to send the thing off. So there it goes--out into the ether--quite remarkable, really, that such things are possible from my own home. Now, the inevitable wait for the inevitable rejection!


P said...

Congratulations! Sending things off is half the battle (for me anyway). And, FWIW, I refuse to believe that you "stand no chance."

Sisyphus said...

It builds character. The rejection I mean. At least, that's what I'm told. And I'm quite a character!

medieval woman said...

That's wonderful! Email me and tell me which jobs and which journal!

Woo-hoo and good luck!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Is this the famous journal named after a medical instrument?

Good Enough Woman said...

Yay, Heu Mihi!

heu mihi said...

Notorious--not quite THAT fancy-pants. But pretty pantsy all the same.

Thanks, all! I look forward to developing even more character. Can't have too much, I'm told.