Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Laziest Blogger

I've been planning a post called "The Laziest Scholar Writes a Conference Paper," but given my utter slacker-ness on this here blog, I think I'm going to have to continue to put that off and just give you a Lazy Blogger update. Actually, in other areas of my life, I have not been lazy in the least, so my apologies for bad blogging aren't going to be too deeply heartfelt.

Three good bits of news today:

1) My "heart condition" appears to be pretty much what I thought it was--not at all serious, easily treatable with beta-blockers, exactly what my mom has. I still have to wear a monitor for 30 days, but that will wait until I get back from Europe.

1a) I will be allowed to remove the monitor for my wedding day.

2) So far, at least, my co-payment for the various EKGs and whatnot has been $80, not the $2500 that I feared. I will not be surprised if I get a whopping big bill from the insurance chumps in a month or so, but for the moment, I'm happy.

3) I have a book contract. I have a book contract!!! Or I will, once the editor gets the latest version (it's in the mail) and gets the contract itself together. But there are no more potential obstacles: The Board has approved it!

Oddly enough, I feel less ecstatic about this than I expected. Maybe because I've been waiting and almost sure that it would go through for so long? Maybe it hasn't sunk in? I don't know. Don't get me wrong: I'm happy, and I'm not unhappy with my low-key response. I do think it's pretty awesome. But I'm not having a powerfully affective reaction at the moment. Perhaps that will come later. Getting engaged has been sort of a similar emotional ride.

I would like to note, however, how great this press/editor has been all along. He responded immediately to my proposal, and the turnaround at every stage of the process has been terrific. Through both review periods the reader(s) got through the MS in two or three months and provided excellent, constructive feedback. I really feel like it's a better book--and only a year ago I was sending out proposals! (Just under a year ago, actually. I see from my blog records that July 14 2008 was the day that the editor first contacted me, which means that I'd sent the proposal out about a week earlier.)

So yeah, that's that. And the other reason that I am not going to write a post about conference papers right now is that we leave for 5+ weeks tomorrow: first a 16-hour drive to Momland, where we'll spend a week; then we have a few days with TM's parents; then we leave for 27 days in France. Ta da! And we've had lots to do to get our house ready for our ex-student house/cat/plant/lawnsitter. At some point, we have to get ourselves ready, too.... Packing, for example?

OK, whew! More when I'm stationary. Maybe.


medieval woman said...

Oh my god there are so many things to congratulate you on in this post! First, I'm so happy your heart condition is looking highly manageable - hopefully soon you'll get official confirmation of that.

And SO MANY CONGRATS on your contract! That's awesome! What a wedding present from academe...I can't wait to get my own copy of your book! ;)

Have a wonderful trip and relax and enjoy!!

Phul Devi said...

Congrats on the contract and other good news! That's wonderful!

Belle said...

Contract! Health! Insurance! Yayyyyy!!!!!

the rebel lettriste said...

I encourage you to suck every last drop of pleasure you can out of that Europe trip. Suck it dry!

What Now? said...

Hurrah on all counts! And have a fabulous, marvelous, wonderful time in France!

P said...

Congrats: to health, accomplishment, romance and, most of all, France!

Maude said...

congrats on all fronts! yay about your heart (and for being able to remove it on your wedding day! *smile*), your book, your travels, your wedding, house projects, everything!! woo-hoo!

Bardiac said...

Yay for all the good news and congrats on the contract! Enjoy Europe!