Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Conclusions

I mentioned yesterday that I'm working on My First Powerpoint.

Well! Having spent several hours today putting together twelve slides, I conclude the following:

1. Powerpoint is awesome.

2. Powerpoint is a phenomenal time-suck.

Irreconcilable? Perhaps. Nonetheless, true. I feel so accomplished today, having put together my twelve slides! And now [the first half of] my talk feels so organized! With pictures! Pretty!

Pray for me, though, people: pray that I do not become That Person who reads from the slides and doesn't seem to remember why she dropped in the materials she did. Pray hard. I'm in danger.


Belle said...

PPT is a time and energy suck. It seduces you into doing all the bad stuff - transitions, animations, text. Twelve slides = 75 words. Prompts, not narration. Remember all the hellish ones you've sat through; your mantra is 'prompts, not narrative...'

Prayers to all attending deities.

heu mihi said...

I refuse animation! I refuse transitions! My background is pale yellow, with no effects. But by God every damn thing is in Garamond, you'd better believe it.

Thoroughly Educated said...

I absolutely agree with your irreconcilable conclusions. This year I put on ppt slides all the stuff I would have wasted time scrawling on the board, plus images. My board-handwriting was always bad and has become atrocious.

Horace said...

For a talk I did in March, I did a dedicated blog for the talk, with each slide as a separate post, so that the material was available after my talk. Given that I know blogger better than ppt, it was simpler, AND I could edit it from any computer with internet access...

And it was a total time suck!