Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad blogger

My cold is gone, but I am inexplicably weary--yet I do feel that I should post something, if only so as not to grade/prep/think about conference papers. So I'll ramble about here for a minute and then go take out my contacts, or something.

Today launches us into Week 5. Spring break is in less than a month. And, although my conference papers have yet to manifest (where the hell are they?), it's been a productive 4+ weeks. I shall regale you with a list of my accomplishments:
  • assisted (albeit somewhat minimally) in the revamping of our comp sequence, which, as I mentioned, passed at the last faculty meeting;
  • entirely rewrote Field's academic dishonesty statement. My version has passed my peeps in the Humanities, but won't come up before faculty until next month, and I anticipate contention. Why this should be a controversial issue is beyond me. All I'm trying to do (with the endorsement of the dean) is to articulate the guidelines that we're supposed to follow when we catch plagiarism and suggest--not require!--that strong measures (i.e. failing) be taken. I'm already anticipating the opposition. Sigh;
  • finished the Incomprehensible Chart of Alien Timesuckage;
  • met with all (7) juniors in the Honors program to discuss theses and substantially helped a thesis advisee with her latest chapter;
  • taught a bunch of stuff--some new, some old, mostly new;
  • practiced yoga nearly every day (accursed cold!); and
  • written not a damn thing that wasn't a) in my diary b) online c) work-related.
Other than the last point, I'd say I'm doing all right.

That last point, though--oy. I am feeling radically unmotivated when it comes to my work, and I keep putting it off. The current plan is to read ahead all week so that I can take the weekend to outline the Kalamazoo paper and revisit the texts it's on. I am stupid, though, in that I proposed a paper on two really fucking long books [medievalists: think of 2 of the longest canonical texts out there, other than the Divine Comedy--one's in French, one's in English--I'll leave you to sort it out and gloat over my stupidity], neither of which I've actually read in a long time. I can rip the framework for the paper out of my dissertation, but I won't feel intellectually honest unless I look back over said long books. Damn me and my intellectual honesty! Why can't I just slap some rambles together and get on with my life? I'm sure I wouldn't be the first.


ortho said...

I'm glad you're felling better.

Please take it easy. The conference papers will all work out. I have to write 2 by early April. If I can do it (and I think I can), I know you can do it too!

heu mihi said...

Well, I can't be worrying too much, as I have yet to do a damn thing. I'd rather just read Malory. Ah, Malory!

Good luck with the papers--they'll get done. They always do, somehow.