Monday, December 8, 2008

Perhaps It Will All End One Day

The semester is almost over. Wednesday is the day--and then the papers come in and all that, and I did the math and I think that I'm getting 152 things to grade (I kid you not--how did I do that? I only have 70 students!), but somehow finals grading always goes by really fast and then it is done. Or so I'm telling myself.

Anyway. The real thing that I want to end soon is the revision process. Since I more or less stopped "real" teaching last week, I've been working hard on the manuscript; I got a lot done this weekend, and at a few points I even felt like I could competently finish these revisions by later this month. Then I reread some of the reviewers' comments, and my confidence sank somewhat.... But it's okay; I'll get there. I am heartily looking forward to it. In my imagination, I'll finish my grading next week and the book shortly thereafter and then the future is nothing but a hazy pink blur of peace and goodness.

Only not really. I'm teaching three classes next semester (which sounds like a vacation, frankly); one is a class I've taught before, and while I'm mixing it up a little, it shouldn't be hard. Then I'm teaching a new comp class (SIGH) and an upper-level class that I think will be a total blast--in terms of the subject matter and the people in it--but I do have to do some pretty significant prep. Luckily, reading for that class will essentially be reading for pleasure, so the semester looks pretty good.

And then I have these Other Things, now, for I am learning in this professorial life is that the work just keeps coming, especially if one is trying to advance any kind of career. I've also learned that all good news comes with a pile of work to do. So, for example, I am for some reason going to both Leeds AND Kalamazoo--it's been years since I was at the latter and I've never attended the former, so this is exciting, but naturally I have no papers written, nor do I remember what I said I would talk about at either conference. There's that. Also, more immediately, I do have a couple of interviews. Kind of Big Scary Interviews, actually. I am not allowing myself to freak out about those yet. But really. If I could tell you. Yikes. One of them in particular. Yikes!

Yes, well! My habitual mode on this blog seems to be The Whine; honestly things are quite nice, even if I am desperately desperate for a guilt-free break. But academics don't actually get those, so I think that I need to get over myself. And this has been a good semester. All of my classes actually went well, as far as I know. My teaching is developing in positive ways and I'm getting more comfortable trying new things in the classroom. Maybe I'll write about that in a future post, since this rambly whiny one is already a little on the long side. But good things--there are good things. The conferences and interviews are good and exciting. There's a chance that The Minister and I will get free tickets to France this summer. And I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends over the holidays.

In the meantime, though, I really need to get back to work. I started reading this one article like 3 hours ago and I absolutely must get through it tonight.


ortho said...

Hi, Heu Mihi. I hope all of your end-of-semester work goes well. I know it will, you can accomplish anything.

Good luck at the MLA, and all your other conferences too.

We're rooting for you!

squadratomagico said...

OOOh! Congrats on the Big Interviews! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!