Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just 2.1 Things

1. I know that this blog has become incredibly boring and almost entirely focused on my workload recently, and for that I apologize.

1.2. (1), above, implies that this blog was once not boring and not almost entirely focused on my workload, and I realize that this may be false. For that I apologize.

2. I cannot prep for my 2:30 class (it's 2:05) because I'm too distracted by the election. Even though I haven't seen any results. So today we will all think up discussion questions and structure the class around those, and I'm not apologizing for this one.

Oh, dear God, I hope that it all turns out okay. (And I don't mean my class--although I hope that it's okay too.)


Belle said...

oh, so there with you. I took the dogs to the vet, voted, freaked. Came home, freaked and too distracted to do anything. Went to school, hoping that the shitload of work there would undistract me. Wrong.

Everybody there bumping into walls, distracted and unfocused on anything but the election. I'm afraid to hope, and yet....


ortho said...

Please post a "not boring" post soon. I have linked to your blog and my readers would like something to read. :-)

I tried your recipe. I burned the onions and the apples. I will try it again soon.

I hope everything is okay.