Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Plan

A few posts ago, I wrote something about how I was going to read for my revisions for the next 6 weeks and then write feverishly through November and edit for the first two weeks of December. I have decided that that was stupid. That it was a stupid, terrible idea. The Path to Anxiety is Paved with Exactly That Plan. It would've been way too much to keep in my head with way too little to show for my work on a week-by-week basis.

Therefore, the actual revising revising begins today. I have two major points that I want to start to address. They're kind of complicated, but they're both pretty much in the introduction, so I think that it'll be manageable. (Manageable to address by mid-December, I mean. Not manageable to address them entirely today.)

Luckily I have NO grading and NO class-related reading to do this weekend. How on earth did that happen? Magnifique! Also, in a whirlwind of domestic activity, I cleaned my whole house, made bread, and did the laundry yesterday afternoon. I'll probably have to set up a batch of yogurt tomorrow, but that's nothing.

(I'm trying not to think about next weekend, though. 31 comp papers + 9 senior midterm papers + 11 seminar journals + 23 survey midterms, dear God!)


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Okay, you'll have to tell me how this works for you, because I've always been the "read forever then write" person, while productive authors I know are of the "write every day" persuasion. But the problem is, I don't know *how* to do the latter: how do you write without going through all the reading first?

heu mihi said...

Well, in this case at least, I'm writing on a bunch of different topics: *Clarify what you mean by this distinction in the intro; *Use these better primary texts in chapter 1; *Add a section on Author Z in chapter 4. Etc. So what I was doing was reading about Distinction A, reading the suggested primary texts, returning to Author Z, etc--when each of these things is really kind of a mini-paper in itself. I was worried about forgetting what I'd decided re. Distinction A by the time I got to Author Z.

Also, I just feel so much better now that I've actually started working on some text.... I was beginning to feel the early glimmers of a panic coming on.

Good Enough Woman said...

So, this weekend, you cleaned your whole house, made bread, did laundry, made homemade yogurt, and started revisions? Wow. It's official. I'm a slacker.

ortho said...

Reading your blog makes me feel overwhelmingly anxious, uncomfortable, and stressed. I need a break!

Good luck with all your chores. I'm sure everything will go well.