Thursday, August 7, 2008

In which it appears that my computer is dead.

Indeed, dead.


I went to Big Box Store of Noisy Equipment today to scope out the possibilities, however, and am pleased to see that many of the possibilities are priced in the $700-800 range (rather than the $1200 I was fearing). I am sad, though, because the shiniest, prettiest laptops are all Vaios, and as my last (somewhat ill-built) machine was a Vaio, I have sworn them off. I've toyed with the idea of a mac, yes--despite my reservations about the gloating in which my mac-owning friends and family members would surely engage (seriously, okay? Owning a mac does not make you a revolutionary. I mean, they're nice computers, and I am decidedly tempted by them. But their image is the product of deliberate marketing strategies, and PC-owners are not actually all simple tools of the establishment.) (Sorry--I seem to have lapsed into an argument with my mother for a minute there. Excuse me. Other, sensible mac-owners: You are not the target of my italicized fuming)--but they're so dreadfully expensive. Seriously! The cheapest I've found is $1100, and that's not even with a better warranty than the $800-models (and less RAM, HD space, etc).

So, um...this is a pretty boring post. But I just spent hours on C-Net, which I hate doing, because it gives me a terrible headache and I don't know what all the words mean, but there you have it. I hate not having a computer, too. Perhaps I'll just return to Big Box Zaniness tomorrow and shell out the Big Bucks. Then at least I can catch up on my blog reading, and I won't have to sit in my very boring, all too quiet office to get any work done.

Oh! And other crazy things happened this week. Like a tree fell on my house on Tuesday morning, really early. And the power was then out for 30 hours or so. And then when they fixed the power, a fuse had blown, and I had to get the guy from the gas company (who was there fixing a gas leak) to help me figure that one out. Then the internet was out--which didn't matter, because the computer was broken--and I had to spend half an hour on the phone with Internet Provider of Aggravation last night, but then the internet-fixing-guy showed up early as hell this morning and fixed the internet, which is still useless to me, but at least is fixed. So there have been a great many Guys showing up at my house with Vans and Fixing Things all week. But everything is repaired, and somebody mysteriously removed the tree from my roof/yard while I was in a neighboring town on Tuesday, and everything is very nearly well.

I also have the first ripe tomatoes from my garden. I photographed them, but can't upload the images yet for obvious reasons.... Never fear, I will subject all readers to exciting gardening photographs soon enough!


Sisyphus said...

Studies have shown that Macs have a higher Shininess Quotient, which makes for Increased Spiffiness while computing (for full effect, one must wear the little black square-rimmed hipster glasses though).

More seriously, have you thought about getting some form of desktop over a laptop? You have a computer at work, so the laptop isn't quite as imperative, and desktops are always much cheaper. I haven't researched their Shininess Quotients though.

Belle said...

Sisyphus is always right. Quite depressing. Macs also have the advantage of not being loaded with all manner of Stuff Unneeded and Unwanted. Not to say that one cannot still find all manner of Good Stuff to load.

One must never discount the Shininess Quotients or dismiss the Elegance Factor of the Mac. There is, however, that very unpleasant matter of the Smug Brigade. Hmmmm.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Sounds like a week of minor catastrophe. Yipes! But glad you made it through okay. And major computer malfunction does give you a guilt-free reason to upgrade the computer, which is pretty cool.

undine said...

The new Vaios have Mac-style keyboards (want!), but OTOH they're as expensive as the Macs.

Maude said...

yes, it's true. i love my mac. i shell out money i don't have to have macs. i believe them to be better, therefore i was able to write a better dissertation than if i didn't have a mac. at least this is what i believe. i also give my mac laptops names. the one before this one was sally. i haven't come up with a name for the new one yet (though she is a year old already); she may just be sally II. does that make me part of the snob brigade? i have chunky black spectacles, too. and i generally, most days, wear all black. but i'm kinda fat, so a fat hipster wannabe isn't really all that cool or snobby i suppose.

anyway... i'm sorry about your bad week! holy crap! when it rains it pours, eh?