Tuesday, June 17, 2008

?!?!?!? This HAS to be wrong

I just got a gas bill for more than $350.

For two weeks.

Now, it's true that I didn't pay for gas in my old place--so I haven't paid it in the last year--but this has to be wrong. There's no fucking way. Right? Right??? I know that gas prices have been going up and all, but....

(Oh, and it's summer, so I'm not even heating the joint. Not that this would be acceptable if I were. But even more reason for this to be wrong. Right?)

How I wish the utilities company were still open--I don't think that I can live with this outrage until morning. GOD I hate shit like this. Because of course this is my first bill in this new place, so who knows? There could be like a leak or something and maybe I did use that much gas, however inadvertently, and how am I going to get the New Landlords to pay for it? Argh. I need reassuring, and there's no one around to do it.


Belle said...

Probably a leak. Find the gas meter, and watch for usage. Take a beer/glass of wine out, camp in front of the thing for twenty minutes, and that'll help you cope.


heu mihi said...

And I shouldn't have to pay for it, right? Please?

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

That, or maybe there's a new-user connection fee? Either way there's definitely something out of the ordinary going on.

heu mihi said...

No connection fee--it's just usage! I called this morning and they're going to send someone out tomorrow to check that the meter is working properly. If the problem isn't with the meter, I'm told, then I'm responsible for the bill. So I said, But clearly there's something wrong with my gas line if I'm using $350 worth of gas in 2 weeks, so what should I do then? And she said, I don't know. And I said, But you're the gas company. Who *would* know? And she said, I don't know.

Oh yeah, I feel better.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I don't think you should have to pay for it at all. I'd give the owners a heads-up about the bill, so they're prepared in case there *is* a leak... and that way, if you have to ask them to at least go halvsies if the bill is a structural problem, they're prepared.

When I moved into my new place in August, I immediately got hit with a $78 charge. For what? I called a number of times, and finally got that it was for paint. What paint? I hadn't asked anyone to paint? They had delivered the paint on the 16th, they assured me. I had moved in on the 17th. Round and round it went, until we finally figured out that it was a charge that the *previous* tenants had accrued. It's a pain in the ass, but you have to be persistent. Even in the dead of an upper midwest winter in a leaky high-ceilinged apartment, I never had a gas bill above $200.

medieval woman said...

Yes - it must be a mistake or a leak. You shoud tell your landlords and ask them if they know what previous tenants were paying for gas. Sometimes, the gas company can also tell you what the average bill for that unit is - they don't have to tell you the tenants' names or anything, just the usage.

It's all going to be okay - keep us posted!