Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By the Way

--I saw Juno over the weekend. I found it extremely depressing, for some reason. And also kind of dull; the soundtrack was totally overdone and it was kind of like one long indie-rock video. Maybe it had been talked up too much for me to appreciate it on its own terms? Anyway, I was pretty disappointed--it looked so cute in the previews. Oh well.


Dr. Crazy said...

Dude, I felt the same way when I saw it in the theater, and when I posted about it people were not at all pleased with me.

(Except I actually liked the soundtrack... though, I'm susceptible to the overdone indie :) )

heu mihi said...

Oh yeah, I read your post way back before I saw the movie, so I couldn't really remember your take on it.

I can't put my finger on why I found it depressing. Unfortunately I had decided to watch it in order to *lift* my spirits, which clearly didn't work.