Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Sunday

This weekend's lists:

  • graded batch of 55 short papers for comp (should have been 57; 2 are missing)
  • read for tomorrow's class
  • cleaned apartment
  • grade batch of 18 responses from survey (should be 25; what happened?)
  • prep for tomorrow's class
  • finish reading play for independent study
  • swim
This is all quite doable, although I'm not sure I can stomach the grading. I might put it off until next weekend. For--tomorrow I get comp drafts! And have to comment on all 57 of them by Friday!

I fear that blogging this semester will be naught but one long grading whine. Bear with me, please. *Sigh.*


Sisyphus said...

Good job, good job! Keep it up.

Personally, I do about 5 grading things and then something mind-numbingly non-grady, like scrub the floors. Or could you stomach pushing through 5 papers each day and then rewarding yourself with something fun?

Ooh, I really need to get back into my swimming. Good luck with your to-do lists.

heu mihi said...

The 5-papers-a-day plan would work for the survey responses, but then on top of that I need to do approx. 15 comp drafts a day Mon-Thurs this week.... But if I get these responses done before Friday, then I'll have one gloriously ungrady weekend!

Belle said...

57 reasons not to be a teacher of comp!