Monday, September 10, 2007

Memity meme

Hilaire has tagged me for the quadromeme--so here goes!

4 first names of crushes:
1. Andy (I was 5. I have no real memory of this, but my mom swears I was in love with him.)
2. Jesse (First big post-attainment-of-the-age-of-reason crush! And oh! The pining!)
3. Mike (Early high school. We finally went out, in a rather chaste and embarrassed way, for a couple of weeks. Then I saw him in shorts and his hairy legs freaked me out.)
4. Ryan (I never actually talked to him. I think I knew all along that if I talked to him, the illusion of his coolness would be utterly destroyed.)

4 Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned (and/or that still fit):
1. The jeans that wore out last year. They were really comfortable and I currently lack truly comfortable jeans.
2. A one-piece polyurethane number comprising ultra-short shorts, a big belt, a flashy sleeveless upper bit and a zipper that goes all the way down. It's shiny and blue and insane. I still have it, actually, only the zipper broke one time when I was trying it on, alone, in my room (I swear!). I only wore it once and never even got the chance to take off my coat--that's a long and embarrassing story....
3. A flannel shirt that I bought sometime between college and grad school and donated in a misguided fit of professionalizing my wardrobe. It was soft and I liked the colors.
4. A pair of combat boots that a girl in my high school history class gave me for some reason. They were brutally uncomfortable but super cool--the big steel-toed kind that laced almost up to my knees. I wore them with cut-off jeans and a Pixies tee-shirt and was bad.ass.

4 names I've been called at one time or another:
1. Binky. This was in the seventh grade. It irritated me to no end, and my friends never told me where it came from.
2. Fingo
3. Ja
4. Bean Brains (thanks, Mom)

4 professions I secretly want to try:
1. Ornithologist
2. Engineer
3. Bookbinder
4. Novelist (like, a real novelist)

4 musicians I'd most want to go on a date with:
1. Uh, Morrissey? Like you even need to ask.
2. David Byrne
3. David Bowie (I love me my David B's)
4. the woman from El Perro del Mar--she seems odd enough to warrant an evening out

4 foods I'd rather throw than eat:
(This is a difficult category. I'll try to keep it vegetarian, since to do otherwise would be a cop-out.)
1. peas (I like peas OK, but they seem like they'd be fun to throw--you could chuck a really good handful all at once, and they would just go everywhere, wouldn't they?)
2. durian!--although it would be a little dangerous. (Remind me to tell you sometime about durian, the fruit that offends all five senses!)
3. licorice
4. figs, maybe? I don't know. I guess I like most foods.

4 things I like to sniff:
1. late roses
2. really ripe grapes on the vine
3. beech trees (or whatever those trees are with the peeling bark that smell like autumn all year long)
4. church air

4 people I tag:
1. sisyphus
2. fretful porpentine
3. tiruncula
4. you!


Hilaire said...

I think it's hilarious that seeing Mike's hairy legs freaked you out.

And, a one-piece polyurethane number, eh?? Wow, who knew?

heu mihi said...

Very few people, Hilaire, very few.

Yeah, I think that such blatant masculinity was kind of terrifying to my 14-year-old self. In truth, though, the whole "dating" thing terrified me at that age, so maybe the leg-hair was just an excuse?

Tiruncula said...

Eek - tagged! Will do this soon.

heu mihi said...

No pressure, T!