Wednesday, August 1, 2007

News from the Moving Front

So I'm mostly packed, but there's still plenty of stuff kicking around my apartment not knowing what to do with itself. I also need to repot two plants and...oh, what was that other thing? Something else. Then there are the miscellaneous errands: closing down my local video store membership (I want my deposit back!), recycling plastic bags at the grocery store, giving the department secretary my new address, and so forth.

One thing that's been a feature of my last couple of moves is the Destruction of a Large Metal Object. Last time I moved, it was a two-drawer filing cabinet that had become jammed in the process of being moved. I needed to extract all the files from the top drawer, and the only way to do this was to rip the drawer apart with a pair of pliers. Obviously. It was an immensely enjoyable and cathartic experience. This time, I had to tackle a set of window bars (you know, of the thief-deterrent variety). The situation is this: The stairs to my apartment are narrow and winding. My dresser had to come in through the window; it will have to go out through the window. In the time that I lived here, I had some bars installed over my windows (because there's an easily accessible fire escape out there). Boyfriend and I were able to put the bars in in the living room, but the bedroom proved somehow impossible: the wood of the window pane was too hard, or something. So my landlords did it for me, putting the bars in wrong and only getting a couple of screws in, but whatever. Anyway I needed to remove the bars so that the movers will be able to get the dresser out again. (Enjoying this story?) Yesterday I tackled the project with a drill, three screwdrivers, and my trusty pliers--which ended up being the key ingredient, as several of the screws were stripped and I had to pop their heads off by violently wiggling the bars back and forth.

I love doing this kind of thing. It says: I am strong! and self-sufficient! Or perhaps there's just an inherent pleasure in destruction?

Less triumphantly, I had a couple of sad goodbyes yesterday. First I went to see H off on her move; she's actually moving to sort of the same part of the country as I am, but will be 7 hours, instead of 2 blocks, away. It was a tearful affair on both sides. Then I had lunch with my advisor, which was very pleasant, but as we were parting she gave me a hug for the very first time ever, and I realized how much I'm going to miss meeting with her. She taught my first-ever medieval literature course, and I've worked closely with her for five years now (even though there were times, of course, when I went three months or more without seeing her). So that was sad.

And then last night I saw my problematic friend, and it was fine. In fact, I had a nice time. He still complains a lot, but somehow these things are more easily handled in person than via email.

Okay, it's 10:15, and despite my fervent supplications the boxes are not, in fact, packing themselves. And I have three more farewells coming tonight, so I'd better get going.


Hilaire said...

I love the image of you tearing apart metal objects!

I'm sorry about the sadness. It sucks. And I remember the first time my supervisor gave me a was in the moments before my dissertation defense. It stunned me...and I was hooked for life!

heu mihi said...

A pre-defense hug! That's lovely. It's nice to know that you and your advisor have a relationship that isn't purely obligatory, isn't it?