Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A List

Okay, I seriously need to get some stuff done today. Here is my list:
  • mail recent ebay sales (I $15 on this batch! Whooo!)
  • spend AT LEAST 4 hours at the library. I need to get started thinking about this conference paper I have to write, and look into some more texts for one of my courses. The annoying thing is that I'll have to go home for lunch--or perhaps I should bite the bullet and pack a lunch? Or a snack, minimum? Then I can really hole up in there. Luckily it's going to be oppressively hot again today, and the library is air conditioned (unlike my apartment), so perhaps I'll feel less of an incentive to leave than I usually do.
  • wash my breakfast dishes
  • download "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Come on Eileen" and maybe have a little dance party in my living room
  • make a pile of stuff to sell/give away via the grad student listserv
  • blog about that cheese I bought yesterday--Sisyphys and Hilaire demand a description! Which is forthcoming, I promise!
Okay. It's so, so hot already. Living on the top floor of a well-insulated house with small windows does have its disadvantages....


Sisyphus said...

Too rah too rah TOO RAH LOU----OOO! (drum break here)

Am dancing in solidarity over here to a fave song --- although very quietly, as my parents don't like noise.

medieval woman said...

Is this another conference paper or our conference paper??

Good luck!!