Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well I'm back, and in 10 minutes I leave for the train station. When will this mad jet-setter lifestyle come to an end????

I received an email today about a local adjunct opportunity, actually within my field. So if this campus visit went worse than I think that it did, or the other candidate's visit went better, or if I decide not to move halfway across the country to teach a 4-4 load, there are Alternatives.

At some point, perhaps tomorrow, I may write a bit about the visit itself. It was actually a pretty pleasant interview, and the faculty were all extremely warm and welcoming. For now, however, I would rather discuss something altogether unrelated. In brief:

Now that I'm not, you know, twelve, you'd think I'd be able to paint my frikkin toenails, right? Evidently, no. I almost never perform this bizarre and profane act, I confess, because when my toenails are painted my feet look like they belong to someone else, and I get kind of disoriented. Besides, feet are functional, not pretty, and gussying them up just strikes me as...bizarre and profane, I guess.* (I'm using "profane" in the sense of "vulgar, coarse," not in opposition to "sacred." Although, given how much walking I do--and how highly, therefore, I must value my feet--there is something kind of nice about the implied other meaning, here.) However I'm going to a shower in a few days and I have shoes that I think would just look better with some kind of decorated feet, so I bit the bullet and Performed the Act. I truly do suck at it, though. Perhaps my sucking has something to do with the fact that I fundamentally rebel against this particular act of adornment.

Whatever. No one at said shower will be close enough to my toes to notice, I hope.

Okay now I have 5 minutes until I leave for the train. I'd best pack up my computer!

And to all of you who are en route to The Conference, have fun and learn something!

*(I should mention that I don't usually think that other people look weird with painted toenails. It just feels to me like wearing an inappropriate and somewhat uncomfortable disguise. You know?)


Hilaire said...

Glad the interview went well!

And, oh my, I *totally* cannot paint my nails. It's always a disaster. And, like you, I always feel like some kind of major failure for having difficulty in this area!

squadratomagico said...

I started adulthood with an anti-toenail-painting sentiment as well. I used to walk barefoot a lot, weather permitting, and fancy nails just seemed out of place on calloused, dirty feet. Then I went through a period of painting them, an interest which slowly tapered off and then came to a definitive end when I took up yoga. All those pulls into upward dog would smear the polish, even when dry.

Why is this so much fun to talk about?

medieval woman said...

Whoa! I'm totally the opposite - I used to hate my feet (and all feet in general), but I've grown to love my own through the years. I have had CONSTANTLY painted toenails (either bright red or bright blue) for the past 7-8 years. In fact, much to my mother's chagrin, my "something blue" for my wedding day was my toenails. I compromised and wore closed-toe shoes...

I'm glad the visit went well and I'm eager to hear about the "local" opportunity!